Physical and mental wellbeing

Helping local people to improve their physical & mental wellbeing

Recreation ground

We are in the process of improving the recreation ground. After consulting recreation ground users, parks officers in Herts & Bucks, and equipment suppliers, we are looking at the following ideas.

Scheduled for installation in early 2022/23

  • Expand the play area and add more equipment for 6-12 year olds
    The play area will expand across to the skate ramp and up to the hedge by the road.
    We are installing: flat-seat swings, zip-wire, tall climbing frame with slide, multi-play with intermediate slide, trampoline.
  • Install a 30m cableway (zip-wire) - installing Feb 2022
  • This will run along the hedge by the cricket pitch. This was the most popular item with children.
  • Replace the basketball hoop to a multi-goal on a 15x12m tarmac pad
    Markings for 3x3 basketball as well as football.
  • Install exercise bars for adults & teenagers
    Multiple level bars supporting many different exercises. 
    The equipment will have QR codes which link to an app explaining the exercises.
    (Note that personal trainers and park users preferred street workout bars rather than cardio machines)
  • Install footpaths to improve access for seniors, disabled people & pushchairs
    A tarmac path from the skate ramp tarmac to the gate of the play area.
    A self-binding gravel path from the Heron's Elm entrance to the car park with some benches & planting.

Under consideration in 2022/23

  • Improve the skate spot for teenagers
    The existing wooden mini-ramp is nearing end of life.
    We could refurbish the wooden ramp and install some extra equipment on the tarmac area
    - Users have suggested: quarter pipe, grind rail, boxes, smoother surface, lighting for winter evenings.
    Or replace the mini-ramp with concrete linear park on the grass by the car park?
    This was not included with the play area improvements because different suppliers are required.
    Have a look at the equipment from our list of playground, skate park and adult exercise suppliers.
  • Create a picnic area at the bottom of the play area
    The picnic tables would be inside and outside the play area. 
  • Repair or replace the carpet surface around the toddler play equipment
    The carpet is subsiding in a few places.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the clerk or one of the councillors on the Recreation Ground Committee.

Pollution hotspots

High Street between New Road and Darrs Lane

There is a pollution hot-spot on the High Street between New Road and Darrs Lane.
This is largely due to waiting buses which create traffic queues. Sometimes buses wait with the engine running.
We are having discussions with the bus companies to reduce bus waiting times and to switch off engines when waiting.

High Street South outside the shops

This pollution hotspot is connected with the one on the High Street.
Some drivers sit in their cars with the engine running while waiting in the parking spaces outside the shops.
We are installing signs asking drivers to switch off their engines while waiting.