Open Spaces Committee

In Spring 2020 we formed an Open Spaces Committee to:

  • Protect and improve access to the Green Belt and other open spaces
  • Preserve the environment and increase biodiversity

What we have achieved so far


  • At our request, Herts County Council have cleared Two Ponds Lane, which was overgrown and inaccessible, and restored it to their Footpath Map.
  • At our request, the owners of Dudswell Meadow have placed stepping stones at the entrance to Northchurch Recreation Ground to enable walkers to cross the flooded section of footpath
  • We successfully objected to developers plans to build on the golf range which is in both the Green Belt and the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

What we are planning

  • To increase visitors to the recreation ground by improving the children's play area and skate ramp area, and installing adult exercise equipment and picnic benches
  • To increase biodiversity by creating and managing a 400m wildflower verge between Dudswell and the Cow Roast, and by helping the Hockey Club to plant hedging and wildflowers at the Cow Roast