Road Safety in Northchurch

Road safety is one of the most important concerns for people in Northchurch and we are committed to making our roads safer. Traffic speed and a lack of safe places to walk and cycle can take away people's right to make safe and healthy journeys. Every 20 minutes, someone is killed or seriously injured on a British road. Each crash is a tragedy, each crash is preventable. Herts County Council Highways is responsible for road safety in Northchurch.

The Road Safety Foundation, a UK charity, provides a map showing serious accidents in Northchurch.

What we do

  • Our Road Safety Committee, chaired by councillor Lara Pringle, identifies and responds to road safety concerns
  • We consult local people, identify danger spots (see below) and inform the responsible authority ( Herts Highways)
  • We push for traffic calming measures that will reduce speed and make danger spots safer
  • We have paid Herts Highways to install Speed Indicator devices (SID) in the High Street to measure the speed of approaching vehicles and display the speed. SIDs are not intended to directly enforce speed limits, but rather to inform motorists and encourage them to slow down when approaching a danger zone.
  • We are in the process of installing another SID in New Road.

What we have done so far to make our roads safer

  • We pay for a school crossing patrol in New Road outside St Mary's School
  • We paid for a Speed Indicator Device in the High Street by the Recreation Ground

What you can do

  • Let us know about road safety issues in Northchurch
  • Report a fault on the road or pavement to Herts Highways
  • Volunteer to run a Community Drivesafe scheme to educate drivers and make local roads safer, using roadside speed monitoring and promoting awareness. You will be given speed display equipment and stand at the roadside monitoring passing vehicles. Speeding motorists are sent an advisory letter and those who speed frequently could receive a visit from a police officer.

Danger Spots

You can see the danger spots identified by local residents in the images below. We have reported each danger spot to Herts County County Highways Department (HCC Highways) and asked them to introduce safety measures. However, in most cases they have either said that they do not consider the location to be dangerous or that they do not have the money for safety measures.

  • Darrs Lane: we have asked for the double yellow lines to be extended for a further 50 metres to prevent vehicles parking on the bend.
  • High Street from the George and Dragon Pub to Northchurch Rec: we have asked for structural traffic calming measures. HCC refuse so we have paid for Speed Indicator Devices (SID)
  • New Road outside the School: we have asked HCC to pay for a school crossing patrol. HCC refuse so we fund one ourselves.
  • New Road north of the canal bridge: we applied for a HCC grant for a SID which will be installed in 2021.
  • High Street crossing to Northchurch Rec. In November 2020 we asked DBC to prune the shrubs to increase visibility. DBC agreed and we are waiting.
  • Mandelyns junction with the High Street: we asked HCC Highways for double yellow lines on the bend. HCC refused. HCC intend to introduce a 20 MPH zone on Mandelyns to protect pedestrians crossing the road.

Danger spots identified by members of the public

1. Darrs Lane

  • Dangerous parking at the bend
  • Speeding on lower Darrs Lane
  • Speeding on upper Darrs Lane

2. Mandelyns junction with High St

  • Dangerous parking

3. High St

  • Speeding between the G&D
    and Recreation Ground

4. New Road

  • Speeding motorcyclists, and
    cars near the school

5. High Street

  • Dangerous crossing opposite
    Recreation Ground

1. Darrs Lane

2. Mandelyns junction with High St: dangerous parking

3. High Street from the George & Dragon to the Recreation Ground: speeding vehicles

4. New Road: speeding motorcyclists, and cars near the school

5. High Street opposite the Recreation Ground: dangerous crossing

6. High Street South outside the shops: idling engines