The Recreation Ground includes the following amenities:

  • A new children's playground
  • A refurbished skateboard mini-ramp
  • A new basketball multi goal and zip wire
  • A full size football pitch and portacabin
  • A mini football pitch
  • A new adult exercise Area
  • A new senior's seating area
  • A Car park

In 2022 we have added new amenities and are looking at making more improvements. At this stage we are gathering ideas. If you have any suggestions, please contact our clerk. Below are some suggestions we are considering.

The beautiful weeping willows are reaching the end of their life. Sadly, one of the willows was rotten inside and had to be felled.


Pruning has hopefully given them another 5 to 10 years but we want to take cuttings and plant them in the gaps so future residents can enjoy them too.

Willows gap.jpg

We have cleared and turfed the triangle of land behind the play area


In the Autumn, we are looking at adding seating and removing the shrubs so that parents and guardians can sit and watch their children play

We are also considering match-funding a survey of the River Bulbourne to produce a development plan to clean and protect the river over the coming decades. The Grand Union Canal takes water from the river to replace water lost when locks are opened and closed. At busy times the rivers runs nearly dry but in very wet years or quiet years like 2020 the river returns. The Bulbourne River, fed from a groundwater aquifer, is one of only 210 chalk streams in the world, 160 of which are in England. It stretches seven miles from Cow Roast to Apsley where it meets the River Gade. The abundance of insects in a pristine chalk stream provides food for fish species, such as brown trout, brook lamprey and bullhead and the well vegetated banks and channels provide fish with shelter from predators. Chalk streams also have characteristic plant communities such as water crowfoot and starworts, watercress and lesser water parsnip along the margins. These plants and the crystal clear waters make chalk streams some of the most beautiful and iconic of all our rivers.

Other suggestions for the Recreation Ground include:

  • a concrete skateboard strip on the grass beside the carpark
  • sheltered seating
  • a drinking water fountain
  • an electricity supply for the portacabin and car charging points
  • a portable coffee stall - for example

Portable coffee van.jpeg

Let us know what you think by contacting our clerk.