Location and rents

Northchurch allotments are on two sites in New Road; the lower site with 33 plots and the upper site with 50 plots. Some plots are subdivided. There is a waiting list and priority is given to Northchurch residents. If you would like a plot, please email our clerk.

  • Rent for Northchurch Residents is £30 for a full plot and £19 for a half plot including water for hand-held hoses.
  • Residents outside Northchurch pay an extra £6 for a full plot and £3 for a half plot.
  • Rent is paid to the Parish Council by the end of October each year.
  • You can find our conditions of hire at the bottom of this page.

We rent the north of the site to three organisations:

  • Sunnyside Rural Trust (SRT), a charity offering work experience for over 130 vulnerable local people and a farm shop.
  • Sunnyside Nurseries that sells hardy perennials, alpines & ornamental grasses.
  • O2, the telecommunications company, who have a mast disguised as a tree.

Northchurch allotments map.png


Our Allotments Committee has 3 councillors, 2 representatives from Northchurch Allotment Association (NAA) and several non-voting tenants. The NAA has a committee of 7 plot holders and 2 parish councillors. It holds social events and growing competitions and provides advice to tenants.

Two photographs of the lower site




The rules for renting allotments can be found on our policies page.