Recreation Ground: the story so far


The Story So Far...

Above is a map of our ideas for the recreation ground based on comments and suggestions from visitors, parks officers, suppliers and residents.

Over the past 12 months we have asked to hundreds of recreation ground users what they improvements they would like to see. Some aspects people liked and felt should be preserved: the play equipment for pre-school children; the adult football pitch for dog walkers and general excise; and the views over the countryside. People asked for a range of improvements including adult exercise equipment, a footpath for seniors, and better facilities for school-age children.

So, a panel of older residents is working with Sunnyside Rural Trust to design a footpath with seating area and plants alongside the Mandelyn’s estate hedge.

We have put a tender on the Government Contracts Finder website asking play equipment companies to put forward designs for an adult exercise area, play equipment for 6 to 12- year-olds, a basketball net / football rebound goal area, and a zip wire by the cricket pitch hedge.

Originally, we intended to ask local people to give their views about these designs, but we have since been informed that any public contract over £25,000 must be scored against set criteria or the council could be sued. Therefore, when suppliers submit their designs, we will ask a panel of local people to choose the best suppliers by scoring their designs in a consistent way against set criteria.